About DIY Chimney & Fireplace

Do it Yourself!

We can help you with your own chimney, fireplace or hearth project – all the way from choosing the right parts and equipment, to your own completed project, done right!

What We Can Help YOU Do:



Chimney cleaning, repairs, part replacement.  We help you get the job done right – DIY!



Fireplace part replacement and repairs – we can help you along!


Hearth repair, parts – we have the tips to get it done right the first time.

About DIY Chimney & Fireplace


I have quite a number of years of experience in this business (28 years as of this writing), and have enjoyed my work.  But I also know that there are many industrious folks out there that are willing to tackle their own chimney fireplace and hearth projects – even big ones, and would prefer not to hire someone else to do it.  (I know how expensive that can be!)

But so far, I have not found a single online resource that can really help do-it-yourselfers do just about any chimney or fireplace job from start to finish, and get it done right.

So hey, I thought I would just go ahead, flex my computer-hand muscles a bit, and create a website to lend a helping hand!

Also, while I do know my job really well and I would like to think that I am pretty darned good at it, I am also looking toward retirement from the traveling, roof-climbing and “wearing soot” aspect of the work, and moving over into “Do It Yourself-Land” to help you guys out.

Cliff began working in the chimney cleaning and repair industry in 1991. He owns and operates Rooftop Chimney & Roof Services in Portland, Oregon.

We Will Help You Do Your Own…


Chimney Work

  • Chimney repair
  • Chimney maintenance & cleaning
  • Choose and replace the right chimney parts


  • Fireplace repair
  • Fireplace maintenance
  • Choosing and replacing the right fireplace parts


  • Hearth repair
  • Choosing and installing the right hearth parts

Years Established

Completed Projects


To help you save money by showing you how to  get your own chimney, fireplace or hearth job done, which parts to use (very important) – and lastly, to be happy with the outcome, because the job was done right!

Cliff Brand – DIY Chimney and Fireplace

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