Above:  Chimney crown worn away from time and freeze damage

Imagine that your chimney crown (cap) looks like the above photo. Imagine that what is left of the crown is still bonded strongly to the brick. You have removed some loose pieces, but the rest of the crown is still bonded to the brick. If you start to try to remove the rest of the crown, you risk loosening the brick it is attached to. Then you get to lay brick as well!

Avoid this extra work by doing a crown overlay.

Important Tip:

Do not do this repair on a hot day, as the overlay will set up too quickly and will more than likely crack. It may also set up too quickly which will cause a poor bond.


What You Will Need:

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  1. Set up your extension ladder so that it is stable, and as close as possible to the chimney area of the roof.  (If you are using an aluminum ladder, make sure to put a towel between the ladder and the gutter to keep from scratching paint.)  **Important:    If you are new to using ladders, make sure you learn to use it the right way, and keep yourself safe!  Here is a link that can give you all the info you need in order to use a ladder safely.
  2. Add water to wheelbarrow or 5 gallon bucket (depending on which you will be using to mix the mud) – use directions on sand mix to determine the amount of water.
  3. Add bonding agent to water (follow instructions on jug of bonding agent for correct ratio), mix in bonding agent well.  (**This is important – the bonding agent makes the overlay much stronger.)
  4. Add sand mix (again, follow instructions on sand mix bag to determine how much to use)
  5. Mix your mud – if you are using a wheelbarrow, use a garden hoe to mix, otherwise use a (???).  Mix until it is a smooth paste texture.
  6. If used a wheelbarrow to mix – pour mixture into 5 gallon bucket until it is about 1/3 full.
  7. If used 5 gallon bucket to mix, pour about 1 1/2 – 2 gallons into another bucket
  8. In small bucket, add water.
  9. Bring sand mixture, buckets, paintbrush, margin trowel, hammer, jug of bonding agent and sponge to the roof – watch your step!
  10. Hammer away any loose crown pieces from chimney (make sure you are wearing safety glasses while doing this).
  11. Transfer mud from the larger bucket to a smaller bucket – it is easier to work out of a bucket that is smaller than 5 gallons
  12. Using paintbrush – paint full-strength bonding agent onto the remaining crown and exposed brick.
  13. IMMEDIATELY POUR YOUR MUD ON TOP OF THE PAINTED SURFACES – It is critical to immediately pour the mud once the surface is painted.
  14. Shape and form the mud with your margin trowel
  15. Wring out sponge well, use sponge to clean up any smudges you get on the brick (rinse and wring sponge, clean up brick, repeat as needed).

Now you have repaired your crown with an overlay – all done! Carry tools, etc. down from the roof, clean out wheelbarrow, tools and buckets and grab a beer.

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