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Do you have a question for Cliff on a repair or other chimney, fireplace or hearth project? Questions or comments about the site? Give him a shout!
What kinds of chimney, fireplace and hearth projects can you help with?
Short of instructing on how to build a new chimney, fireplace or hearth – or installing a wood or pellet stove, I can help with just about anything. (Rebuilds and new installs tend to be very complicated, and are best handled by hiring a pro to do the job – some of these types of projects may also require special licensing, etc.)
Can you also give advice on wood, or wood pellet stoves?
To some degree, yes, but my top specialty lies in chimneys and fireplaces. If you have a rather simple repair to do, you can give me a try by using the contact form on the left.

You can also check out my blog to see if I have written any “how to” articles on these subjects – at this writing, I don’t have any, but that could change!

You're helping with projects for nothing - so how do you make money?
First off, I want to say that I actually enjoy helping people DIY – there is often quite a bit of satisfaction that goes along with doing your own repairs, etc!

That said, yes, I – like everyone else – need income to live! On this site, the way I make money is when someone buys a product I recommend, I will often make a commission from the seller of the part. However, I never will promote a part that I believe is faulty or low quality just to make some money off of it!

How do I know which chimney, fireplace and hearth parts and products to choose?
I’m going to help you out on that as much as I can! I am quite particular about the products and parts that I use, and I am also very choosy on which parts I will recommend to you! I can recommend certain parts to you via email, as well as in my blog – check it out!

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